Spotlight HR Dashboard

The Spotlight dashboard app is for all of you HR managers having difficulty controlling the recruiting process! The Spotlight app gives you a glance into the whole drafting state and progress without ever leaving home. We make it easy for you to track your HR team and get online updates – In an easily understandable language for all. Additionally, now you can even contact teammates and potential applicants directly through the app and have a direct online video call with them.

Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After effects, Adobe Illustrator

Product Designer, UX Research,
UI Design

The Challenge

In today’s challenging economic climate, human resource companies are in need of all the support they can get. Uncertainty and disorder regarding the status of candidates are not acceptable in this period or in this field of employment. Many candidates for a variety of jobs believe that most employment bureaus and human resources do not take into account the skills of the people who come to them, and that they do not work in an orderly fashion – and this assumption is not fundamentally incorrect.



When I had to look for work, I went to the employment office, I came across a cumbersome system that is run by outdated old methods.

Objectives & Goals

◉Create an interface that will contain all the complexities of managing a team and managing a job-seeking community at the same time in an easy and accessible way.
◉ Using a young and innovative design, create a connection between the young audience at the HR team.

Product Users

People who are in the hunt for work or work in a HR team who are in the 18-60 age group

Quantitative Research

We conducted an online survey with about 20 users who fall in our target demographic

0 %

The people who were asked are or were employees of the Human Resources department at their place of employment

0 %

Responses indicated that they use an external system for managing their team's daily activities

0 %

70% Respondents expressed an interest in improving their HR team processes

0 %

The majority of respondents would prefer the option of choosing between a dark mode and light mode system.

User Needs

1. The user feels that because there is a certain level of confusion in his life, he needs an organized interface for his team to manage in.

2. The user feels that nowadays technology is advancing rapidly, he expects a solution that unites everything, from idea to execution.

3. The user feels that he would like to have a place where everything is accessible, particularly at work, where he is required to store a great deal of information and data.

Features & Functionalities

Easy-to-use interface - even for those unfamiliar with the complicated field of HR and job recruitment.

The interface is designed in both a bright and colorful way and in dark mode - so the User can choose which mode he would like to use.

all inclusive interface, with all the features needed to run and manage an HR team successfully!

Light Mode

Competitor Analysis

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Dark Mode

User Persona

Peled Eidelstein, Marketing CEO

Pelled is a 35-year-old single man who lives in an apartment with his partner in Tel Aviv. Despite working at his dream job on satisfactory terms, he feels he may be able to improve his financial situation and is considering entering the stock market investment industry.

Pelled doesn't know at all how to begin - he has no experience or knowledge in the field of investments and does not know how to perform even the most basic of operations without a professional's help.

Pelled does not have a great deal of liquid assets, at least not in cash. It is primarily a credit-based business.

One of my life goals is to earn enough money and become financially independent so that I can enjoy a loving relationship with my partner and create a healthy family life. When it comes to investing in real estate or investments, I am more of a type who is willing to take risks and invest big.

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