Book to Cook


An all-in-one solution for all your cooking needs


Tools used:

  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


6 weeks

The Challenge

Today, people are using digital sources more and more to fulfill their everyday needs, including the kitchen. With the internet becoming more accessible and more importantly – free, they rely on internet recipes more and more instead of cookbooks. However, it is necessary for them to have a convenient way to save and access their saved recipes from around the internet since they tend to lose them.

The Solution

Meet “Book to Cook” – your new friend at the kitchen! Book to Cook is a recipe cookbook for all of you cooking lovers out there – all the recipes you want – are just one click away. with Book to Cook, you can save all of the recipes you come across wondering the internet, without ever having the fear of losing them. In the app, you can look for recipe inspiration, connect with fellow cooking enthusiasts, and even integrate your grocery list – No more forgetting ingredients at the grocery store – Now you can make a special delivery, straight to your house!

Problem Statement

People who discover a new recipe would like to be able to save it, so that when they need it, they can easily locate it. They also want to be able to find recipe ingredients online, shop for them and have them delivered directly to their homes.  

Objectives & Goals


A close and accessible place where cooking recipes can be stored.


Making a link between the user and the ordering system of grocery stores.

Our Process





Business Challenges

Product Users

Our target audience is all the people who love to cook who are in the 18-60 age group

Product Users

Our target audience is all the people who love to cook who are in the 18-60 age group

Quantitative Research

We conducted an online survey with about 15 users who fall in our target demographic



22% of those surveyed answered that they like to try new recipes


87% of people said they do cook at home


40% of those surveyed testified that they cook on a regular basis for their families


80% of respondents testified that they are looking for recipes using digital means

User Needs

Features & Functionalities

To resolve user needs

It is possible to contact other people who have the same taste in cooking and recipes as the user

Upload a recipe directly from the web and save it in a designated place in the interface.

From saving the recipe to ordering the necessary ingredients to the house - everything can be done in one place.

Product User Challenges

Competitor Analysis


Meet the all-in-one app for recipe saving, meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe sharing.



Cookpad is a recipe-sharing platform and cooking community.


Unique Features

User Persona

Diana Fisher

Digital Marketing






Diana a mother of 3, is a hard-working and professional worker who manages to divide her time and lectures between running a household and cultivating a successful career.

A day in their life

  • Dana wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for her children and her husband and for the rest of the day.
  • On days when she finishes early, returns home and starts cooking for lunch and dinner. On days when not, she prepares these meals ahead of time.
  • On Fridays, when it's her day off from work, she's usually busy cooking from morning for Friday dinner.

Pain points

  • Since most of the cooking she does is for her children, she is limited in terms of their restrictions and preferences in food.
  • Because her schedule is tight and crowded, she often fails to find simple and delicious recipes that do not require much time and preparation.

Eisenhower Matrix

5 Why Analysis


Scenario 1 :

I want to register / login to the app.

Scenario 2 :

I want to save a recipe at my very own recipe book.

Scenario 3 :

Once I have chosen the recipe I want to cook, I want to synchronize the list of ingredients needed for the recipe with a desired grocery store.


UI Guidelines

Major Screens

Home Screen

Recipe Book screen

Recipe screen

Shopping list screen

Final Design