Menaiot Stock Trading App

The Menaiot app is for all of you out there who think that investing is hard! The Menaiot app gives you a personal portfolio and investment consultant in your pocket. We make it easy for you to track your investments and get online updates – In an easily understandable language for all. Additionally, now you can buy, sell, and trade stocks directly through the website instead of having to contact an investment consultant. Our 24/7 operational chat platform is available if for some reason there is anything unclear about the app.

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The Challenge

Today, people are using digital sources more and more to fulfill their everyday needs, including banks and stock investments. With the internet becoming more accessible and more importantly – free, they rely on internet information more and more instead of reading the papers. young people feel that economics and stocks are only for people that have knowledge of the subject, so they don’t even bother to learn. 



Having searched for information on investment stocks and the stock market area for quite some time, I feel like I have entered a ‘blocked area’ since I am young and don’t have a lot of equity.

Objectives & Goals

◉ Create an interface that handles heavy financial issues in an easy and accessible way.
◉ Using a young and innovative design, create a connection between the young audience and the stock issue.

Our Process







◉ Raise the app to the consciousness of users
◉ Use of increased security due to making payments through the app
◉ Create a preference for this app to be used as an investment portfolio tool
◉ A simple and easy-to-understand interface for a young audience on a complicated financial topic
◉ User identity theft

Product Users

People who are interested in the stock market or have an active investment portfolio who are in the 18-60 age group

Quantitative Research

We conducted an online survey with about 10 users who fall in our target demographic
0 %

40% Respondents expressed an interest in learning more about investing

0 %

Respondents testified that they do have an investment portfolio on the stock market

0 %

Respondents said they had affiliations with the stock market or know people who traded stocks

0 %

Most respondents believe that the field of stock markets and investing is too complicated for them

User Needs

1. The user feels that because there is a certain level of confusion in his life, he needs an organized interface for his investment portfolio.

2. The user feels that nowadays technology is advancing rapidly, he expects a solution that unites everything, from idea to execution.

3. The user feels that he wants to be exposed to as many different sources as possible with information related to the field of investments and the stock market.

Features & Functionalities

Easy-to-use interface - even for those unfamiliar with the complicated field of financial investments.

The interface is designed in a bright and colorful way which is intended to appeal to a demographic audience that does not necessarily identify with such products most often.

Three-step verification in to your investment portfolio account to ensure the maximum security of your account information.

Product User Challenges

Stock-related digital products are mostly for stock experience and prior knowledge.

Users who want to perform various actions in their investment portfolio rely on professionals to handle them.

Investments are viewed as risky by users and have a bad reputation among them.

Competitor Analysis

No matter your level of experience, we help simplify investing and trading.

◉ Live breaking news broadcast on Bloomberg TV.
◉ Use it as a bank as well – pay bills, save money etc.
Investing.com offers a financial toolkit that encompasses a wide range of local and global financial instruments, and is a comprehensive service center for traders and investors.

◉ Includes inside information that may affect stocks.
◉ Trends can be predicted with the help of technical analysis.

User Persona

Peled Eidelstein, Marketing CEO

Pelled is a 35-year-old single man who lives in an apartment with his partner in Tel Aviv. Despite working at his dream job on satisfactory terms, he feels he may be able to improve his financial situation and is considering entering the stock market investment industry.

Pelled doesn't know at all how to begin - he has no experience or knowledge in the field of investments and does not know how to perform even the most basic of operations without a professional's help.

Pelled does not have a great deal of liquid assets, at least not in cash. It is primarily a credit-based business.

One of my life goals is to earn enough money and become financially independent so that I can enjoy a loving relationship with my partner and create a healthy family life. When it comes to investing in real estate or investments, I am more of a type who is willing to take risks and invest big.


Scenario 1 :

I want to register / login to the app.

Scenario 2 :

I would like to purchase / exchange shares using the app

Scenario 3 :

I would like to see all stock investments made on a specific date.


Major Screens

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Orders History Screen

Final Design




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