Yuval Yosef Waldman

UX and UI designer with expertise in digital product development

My name is Yuval Yosef Waldman, a UX and UI designer with expertise in digital product development. Having a strong passion for design, I’m fascinated by the experience the user has when the product uses the right design methods.


Book to Cook is a recipe cookbook for all of you cooking lovers out there – all the recipes you want – are just one click away.
with Book to Cook, you can save all of the recipes you come across wondering the internet, without ever having the fear of losing them.

Menaiot connects young people to the world of finance and investing. From now on, a young investor can link their portfolio with a single click and make investments and sales, rather than having to run around and find an investment adviser.

Spotlight HR is a dashboard that highlights the current state of the HR department at a company. With this software, the HR team is able to meet all of their needs and to conduct their work more ethically – both among members of the team and within the hiring process itself.

The CM movers project involves redesigning a service site for a reputable moving company. Our redesign made the site more informative, attractive, interactive, and aimed at addressing everyone, as well as providing a lot of professional information about the company and the moving process.